Responsible practises:

Textiles: From seed to finished our textiles are sustainable – both environmentally and socially. Read the complete journey of the Alba collection and Luna collection.

Our hemp fabric is created from 77% natural hemp and 23% silk and is creating by Hempage who is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. 

Our Peace silk is created in fully social and environmentally sustainable facilities and was GOTS certified two weeks upon arrival at our facility. 

Our lining is 55% hemp / 45% GOTS certified cotton

Manufacturing ethics: All aesthete lingerie is made in Europe by specialized lingerie facilities. If the facilities do not have a social certification such as GOTS, ISO 9001 or is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we audit the facilities and demand transparency about wages and conditions for the workers. We have high standards and make efforts to staying with a manufacturer as long as possible and collaborate on issues which may occur. If our standards of social responsibility or business ethics are not coresponding, we source new manufacturers to make sure that Aesthete lingerie is always created in the highest quality and in the best conditions.

Our current manufacturer is placed in Latvia, EU, and exceeds European and national laws on wages and working conditions.

Elastics: Certified oeko-tex standard 100 and fully detachable leaving only pure reusable and compostable fabric. 

Labels: GOTS certified organic cotton

Accessories: Oeko-tex standard 100

Packaging: Our post boxes are FSC certified made in Denmark or made from recycled materials. Our silk paper is recycled and recyclable. Our stickers are biodegradable as well as our post box nature-plastic bag.

A new kind of luxury

We know of your passion for beautiful garments. We know that your personal style is thought out and particular. We acknowledge that you are aware of both quality, fit and details and we respect that each piece is a reflection of this. We know that you are kind and we know that you wish to be kind when you purchase lingerie – kind to the environment and to the people involved in making it.

We respect that.
Aesthete is made because of that.

We do what we believe by creating sustainable lingerie for everyday luxury. We source sustainable materials to fit specific criteria of quality – aesthetically and materially.

"reviving aesthetics and the pleasure of well-made lingerie"

Today, luxury has a new meaning. Luxury is not only defined by lavish design and quality goods. Today, luxury is all that, and it is knowing that your everyday luxury is reflecting you and your ethics - reviving aesthetics and the pleasure of well-made lingerie. 

Our commitment to reflect your ethics, is marked by our use of hemp and peace silk as main textiles in our first collection. These textiles has a long history, important to our heritage. Our ancestors grew, wrought and spun hemp into textiles to create strong and durable products for a harsh everyday life. These practises are forgotten in large parts of the world where it used thrive, but the philosophies of our ancestors are rising. Quality and aesthetics is here to stay. Just like hemp, silk holds strong traditions. These cultural traditions stems from the luxurious and good natural qualities of silk. Our peace silk is the supreme silk variety, as it is sustainably made in peaceful practices without killing the silk larvae.

Sustainability simply creates better products. We design pieces made to be cherished and yes, loved – why our details are shaped by function and by traditional crafts. Our lingerie is created through analysing shape, fit and aesthetic appeal and shaped by feedback obtained from different women along the way

Aesthete. noun. A person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.Origin: Late 19th century: from Greek aisthētēs ‘a person who perceives’, or from aesthetic, on the pattern of the pair athlete, athletic.

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