The sustainable fibre of our ancestors

Hemp fibre has been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors in many parts of the world. Hemp was grown, wrought and spun to use in textile for labour and for clothing. Aesthete wishes to take part in reintroducing hemp as a fibre for clothing due to its sustainability and for its inherent qualities. Naturally grown hemp is one of the most sustainable of all textiles of all. Farmed and processed the correct way, and you have a class A sustainable textile, perfect for quality lingerie.

Environmental advantages

Naturally resistant

Hemp does not require the use of pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers, making both the social and environmental advantages significant.

Resource efficient 

One hectare of hemp creates fibres equivalent to 2-3 hectares of cotton and rarely requires irrigation.

Hemp has a greater tensile strength and thus there is required less hemp to create the same strength as cotton. This is an environmental advantage as it lowers the use of resources.

Hemp is a good rotation crop that improves soil structure and can be grown among other crops and in harsh conditions.

Absorbing CO2

Due to its hefty growth, hemp is one of the crops to absorb and accumulate most CO2.

Fast growth

Hemp grows fast and can easily reach a height of 4 meters.

Socially sustainable

The advantages of hemp are further reinforced by our supplier HempAge who are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and leading in research and development in the manufacturing of hemp textiles.

Textile advantages

cool fibres

Hemp fibers are thermal conductive making the fabric feel cool in the summer. 
Silk has the same good quality.

moisture control

Hemp can absort up to 30% moisture without feeling wet, making it absorb sweat significantly better than cotton. The ability to absorb moist (hydrophilic textiles) is relative to the comfort against the skin. Natural fibres are hydrophilic and artificial
fibres are hydrophobic.

strong fibres

Hemp fibres has high tensile strength, creating a strong textile for long lasting designs.

Mix it up!

All the good qualities of hemp fibres are kept intact, even when mixed with another fiber such as silk.
By mixing 77% hemp with 23% silk, our Alba lingerie is strong and smooth with an aesthetic pleasing touch.
Silk is a natural protein fibre made from spinning the cocoon of a silk moth.
Our Alba textile is created by Hempage, a german company specializing in hemp textiles.
With Hempage being a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, we are assured that both silk farmers, weavers and workers are treated fair. The silk fibres are weaved with hemp fibres and finished after the GOTS guidelines.

Art bra

The Tierra bra is a one-of-a-kind sustainable beauty that makes eyes pop and gaws drop.
The Tierra bra is a little piece of heaven. Created for the backless dress, this forever-piece is a daydream for that big day or a piece to make your eco wardrobe come to life.
Wear the Tierra bra under any sheer blouse and you are sure to create a unique design piece.
The Tierra bra is made in premium quality, from hemp and silk, giving it the strength to last and the beauty to love.


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Source: Lokal hampproduktion til tekstilanvendelse en undersøgelse af mulighederne for at anvende bæredygtig hamp som tekstilmateriale, lifecycle and design cluster, Teknologisk institut, Danish fashion Institute, 2015-2016