The journey of LUNA Aesthetes start in the fields of Mulberry trees in India. The silk fabric is produced organically without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and respecting non-violence. Giving it the name peace silk. In the making of silk, cocoons are pierced and trimmed so that the moth can fly away and create eggs for new life cycles, and not be scalded in hot water, as is the regular proces. The broken silk filaments are hand twisted, which gives it its distinctive character and traditionally woven. The organic silk is made by people from the rural countryside in Jharkhand, Eastern India. The silk is made under good conditions both socially and environmentally assuring you that your Aesthete lingerie is made as a genuine sustainable garment. A large part of the supply chain was certified in scope when this peace silk was made, but the reason why it is not (GOTS) certified, is that the certification of the further manufacturing steps where done just before the Aesthete launch, unfortunately not in time for us to get the organic (GOTS) certification. Our fabric is then shipped to our supplier in Germany and then to Latvia in recycled packaging materials, where our manufacturer is ready to create wonders. Our manufacturer is based in Liepaja, Lativa. The small company is owned by Tatiana, who used to own a lamp shop, but in the same building, created a new business over 15 years ago when she was forced out of business by larger companies in the same area. The sewing room is therefor filled with ornamental chandeliers and lamps. The decoration is otherwise modest, and the exterior is not flashy and needs a name sign - why we where a little sceptic when we arrived. The working conditions are good and the atmosphere is easy. The employees teas each other in a peculiar Latvian good hearted fashion. Read everything about the seamstresses working conditions in our Q&A based on our manufacturers CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Get to know one of the women at Daretta in this personal interview with a seamstress called……. LINK If your Aesthete is an LUNA DECO then beautiful lace made from organic cotton (GOTS) is sewn into the garment. The end lace product is not GOTS certified because it has gone through a process post delivery at our supplier. Even though the manufacturer uses non-toxic production techniques, ensuring that no chemicals are used in the process, they are a small family run company without the financial means to get a certification body to verify the clean process. Read more about our lace supplier here LINK