• Aesthete lingerie is made in Europe to ensure that the company follows european laws on wages and working conditions. 
  • We strive to manufacture in certified units such as GOTS, but currently no lingerie specialists are available with GOTS certification. 
  • If our collaborative partners are not certified with a social certification, the company must commit to forming a CSR report once a year which will be thoroughly investigated. Each report must show steps towards a social sustainable certification. 

The manufacturer of our first collection, Daretta, is placed in Liepaja, Latvia and is a lingerie manufacturing company with over 17 years in the industry. Due to unfortunate logistical disagreements with Daretta, we have chosen to find a new manufacturer. 

Aesthete is build on the belief that transparency is one of the most important factors in 'doing good' in the fashion industry. 

You can read more about Daretta below:

Daretta is placed in Lativa, EU, and exceeds European and national laws on wages and working conditions. The employees at Daretta work 8 hours a day with 1 hour lunch break, often divided two. There are also multiple small breaks which may last up to 10 minutes break every hour. The maximum working hours per week is 40 hours at Daretta and the seamstresses has 4 weeks of vacation a year. Usually divided into 2 weeks on christmas and 2 weeks in the summer

One of the focus points at Daretta is to work with development and education, which is why they, among other, provide financial aid, flexible working hours and payment for those who are actively engaged in undertaking different kinds of formal education. Our seamstresses make a responsible living wage, is offered Health insurance, are rewarded with employee trips through out the year and are otherwise happy latvian people. 

When visiting Daretta, we asked if some of the women would like to participate in #imadeyourclothes, which is an initiative started by Fashion Revolution. When it didn't seem like any of them felt like it, Daretta's Communication Director, Levon, who is also our collaborative partner in the proces, said that they didn't feel like having their picture put on facebook and that it is not in their culture.