The ancient textile of luxury, made in peaceful manner.

For centuries silk has been appreciated for its beauty and luxurious feel. Peace silk is the definition of a ecological and non-violent method of creating silk. The method stems from the tradition of gathering  cocoons left behind wild moth. Aesthete Luna collection is created with 100% peace silk dyed with certified oeko-tex standard 100 dye, to create pitch black luxurious sustainable lingerie.


Peace silk sustainability

Aesthete peace silk is created in India under a project founded in 2012 in the region of Jharkand. The project worked on the biological and non-cruel process to grow and cultivate silk worms without using any kind of pesticide, fungicide or genetic spray. The project is also revolving around creating fair trade for all people involved, from seed to finished textile.

Our supplier Seidentraum is a truly a frontrunner in sustainable silk manufacturing. The company focus on products that are:

  • produced in a controlled organic husbandry
  • manufactured according with the GOTS rules
  • made of Ahimsa or wild silk
  • originated from a Fair Trade business or cooperation
  • sold directly by the producer
  • manufactured without child labour 

Non-violent silk (peace silk) is patented as of 2006 and is thus protected and can only be used when living up to the production methods outlined as an eco-friendly method of manufacturing mulberry silk (Bombyx mori).
The practices of peace silk is defined by the moth being able to live a full life cycle, and not be scalded in hot water, as is the conventional process. The broken silk filaments are hand twisted, which gives it its distinctive character and is then woven. The silk is made under good conditions both socially and environmentally assuring you that your Aesthete lingerie is made as a genuine sustainable garment.

A large part of the supply chain was certified in scope when this peace silk was made, but unfortunately the auditing and GOTS certification had not been done for the entire supply chain in time for our production.


Textile qualities 

Silk is one of the softest textiles available and, in combination with being a natural fiber, that is heat conductive, nice against the skin, biodegradable and pure, silk is ideal for your everyday luxury bras.

Silk fibres are thermal conductive, making the fabric feel cool when its hot, and warm when its not. Hemp has the same good quality.

Silk is a hydrophilic, meaning that its ability to absorb moisture is good. This ability is relative to the comfort against the skin. Natural fibres are hydrophilic and artificial fibres are hydrophobic.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, but is up to 20% weaker when wet and is sensitive to hot water and the enzymes found in laundry detergent.

EVI bra

Evi is your everyday luxury bra, though special times and sunday slumber. Made in soft peace silk, Evi is soft while supportive.

Evi is made mainly from peace silk - the mother of all silk that lets the silk moth live a full lifecycle. Evi is a true everyday luxury piece


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