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The Fauna bra is the sustainable luxury sister to the Tierra bra. It is too a one-of-a-kind sustainable beauty that makes eyes pop and gaws drop. Fauna is a pitch black lace bra made for the backless dress or for those special occasions. The fauna bra is a sustainable luxury piece bringing aesthetics to sustainable lingerie. The fauna bra is a soft and functional design piece made to last. Oeko-tex 100 elastics are hidden in beautiful wrinkled tubes of 100% peace silk, and is placed strategically under your bust and in the waist-line.

The Fauna bra is made in premium quality, from peace silk, hemp and organic cotton.

Peace silk is the mother of silk. Silk has been made for thousands of years origin from ancient China, and has since, been adored for its luxurious quality, soft feel and natural good qualities. Our peace silk is made made from silk cocoons abandoned by the silk moths. The silk moths can then live a full life cycle and reproduce post hatching. Our peace silk was, from seed to finished garment, made with respect for the environment and the people in the process.

The Fauna bra is our take on ultimate sustainable high-end lingerie.

Shell: 100% peace silk
Linen: 55% natural hemp, 45% organic cotton
Lace: 100% black GOTS dyed organic cotton

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Fauna bra is made of the mother of all silk – peace silk, made from silk cocoons abandoned by silk moths. The silk moths live a full life cycle and can reproduce post hatching. We use oeko-tex dyed peace silk, to offer you pitch black silk lingerie.

Sustainable natural materials such as our peace silk, are not only better for the people who made it and for our planet, but is also better for your skin.

We design lingerie that is delicate and flattering on the body. Aesthete lingerie is designed with thought in high quality:

  • Since your Aesthete straps are made from pure 100% peace silk, they are strong and will not get weak.
  • Our hook system is flattering as well as functional. We make function look good and give you room to change over time. Our hook system provides you with 7centimeters of adjustment variations.
  • We spare you for bras mainly made from elastics, and place oeko-tex standard 100 strategically on your Aesthete bra are covered in 100% peace silk. Leaving functional details made to love.
  • The Fauna bra is made for the backless dress and is designed to fit specific sustainable and aesthetic criteria.
  • We make soft bras with lining, which means that your bra is made from three layers of quality textile. Together they create a supporting soft cup. Our bras are firmer than regular soft cup.

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