In greek methology Gaia is the Earth personified as a goddess. We called this style Gaia , because it is made from 77% hemp and 23% silk. Two textiles that can truely be defined as the goddess of natural ressource. They have been around for thousands of years and has helped create good, durable and beautiful garments since it then was discovered as a textile fiber. By combining the two of earths most treasured textiles, a new innovative luxurious one was born.

Gaia bra nestles around your body, creating beautiful lines. It was created for the backless dress and is a beautiful minimalistic piece.

The Art bra is made from hemp – the fibre, which for hundreds of years was used in European countries for rope, sails and clothing, but was forgotten in our manufacturing traditions with the import of cotton and manufacturing of artificial fibres. The silk gives the fabric the luscious feel, that has been sought after since it was invented in ancient china.

Hemp and silk are natural textiles, both heat regulating – keeping you cool when its hot and warm when its not.

Shell: 77% natural hemp, 23% silk
Linen: 55% natural hemp, 45% organic cotton
Lace: 100% organic cotton

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Gaia bra is made out of one of the most sustainable textiles in the world, hemp. It is, from seed to finished garment, made without harmful chemicals.  Sustainable natural materials are better for your skin and for our people and our planet.

We design lingerie that is delicate and flattering on the body. Aesthete lingerie is designed with thought:

  • Since your Aesthete straps are made from hemp/silk fabric, they are strong and will not get weak.
  • Our hook system is flattering as well as functional. We make function look good and give you room to change over time. Our hook system provides you with 7centimeters of adjustment variations.
  • We spare you for bras mainly made from elastics, and place oeko-tex standard 100 strategically on your Aesthete bra and cover it in luscious hemp and silk. Leaving functional details made to love.

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