Oh my O | 1960’s Ostrich


DKK 2700 ,-
DKK 1900,-

Rare ostrich purse from the 1960’s. A unique piece with exquisite detailing from bended metal and crafted in a rare quadratic design.
The handbag is lined with high quality leather and has several tailored pockets inside. It has little to no signs of having being used. This has truly been an investment piece for the person who purchased it over fifty years ago. 

Ostrich: The current status of the common wild ostrich is that it is not classified as endangered, all though today it is most often kept at reserves and farms. Some sub-species of ostriches are critically endangered, why it is important to protect these populations and keeping the wildlife in balance.

Aesthete wishes to take an active stand against exploiting endangered animals. We pass on beloved items of the past and honor these treasures made in another time. We feel that these vintage items should now be treasured and preserved for as many years as possible. Please be aware that only one of this particular style is available.