Sand | Genuine Lizard


DKK 2015,-
DKK 1500,-

This handbag made from genuine lizard is an example of the finest handcraft and attention to detail.

This purse is handmade in Denmark by the Danish brand Bon Goût. Bon Goût was established in 1945 in Vesterbro in Copenhagen and specialised in stylish, high quality handbags.

Lizard conservation status: Lizards vary in their conservation status. Many, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species, are today endangered or critically endangered. We wish to promote the importance of respecting wildlife and let the practises of using animal skins be something of the past. These vintage items should now be treasured and preserved for as many years as possible to respect the background and history of every piece.

This handbag is a unique collectors item. There is only this rare finding available. 


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