The Black Bon Goût


DKK 1450,-
DKK 1155,-

A statement piece in embossed leather from the 1970’s. A decade full of contrasts; in music, in politics and definitely, in style. The end of an hippie-era and the haydays of the disco dancing nightlife. Our best bid is that this handbag is an expression of an early yuppie tendency that first really got a scene in the beginning of the 1980’s. This means that whoever owned this handbag, was the observant and daring type of woman.

This purse is handmade in Denmark by the Danish brand Bon Goût. Bon Goût was established in 1945 in Vesterbro in Copenhagen and specialised in stylish, high quality handbags.

This boxy mini briefcase has many details, including a unique closing mechanism and opens sideways like an old fashioned briefcase.

Only one handbag in this particular design is available.